Amine Coupling Kit – Proteins - OpenSPR

Amine Coupling Kit – Proteins - OpenSPR

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This Amine Coupling Kit is used with Carboxyl or Amine Sensor Chips to covalently couple protein or antibody ligands to the surface. It has been optimized for effective and efficient coupling using a preconcentration technique which minimizes the amount of ligand needed to obtain sufficient immobilization levels. The blocking agent minimizes non-specific binding of the analyte.

The Kit includes all necessary reagents for activating the COOH groups on the sensor surface (Carboxyl Sensor Chips) or on the protein surface (Amine Sensor Chips) with EDC/NHS, immobilizing the protein ligand, and blocking the surface. This Kit is sufficient for 10 immobilizations.

The Kit contains:
EDC: 1 tube
NHS: 1 tube
Activation Buffer
Blocking Solution

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