Anti-HIS Capture Kit Contents

Anti-HIS Capture Kit

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The Anti-HIS Capture Kit is optimized for Alto Carboxyl Cartridges to create a functional surface for capture of histidine-tagged ligands. Each kit can create up to 10 anti-His capture cartridges. Cartridges and Carboxyl Surfacing Kit required for the experiment are not included.

Kit includes:

  • 10x Anti-His Aliquots (ALTO-R-AHISAB)
  • 1.5 mL Sodium Acetate pH 5.0 (ALTO-R-IMB-5.0)

Note this kit is currently released as Beta product - for more information please contact

Additional information

Storage Temperature
  • -20°C Aliquots
  • 4°C Sodium Acetate
Shelf Life
  • 6 months Aliquots
  • 3 months Sodium Acetate

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