Education and Training kits

Education and Training kits

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The CD16 Education Kit provides lab instructors and professors with a real-world application example of the surface plasmon resonance technique - perfect for teaching labs in undergraduate and graduate level courses. With this turn-key solution, students will learn the basics of the SPR technique, best practices for how to perform SPR experiments, and how to analyze and interpret SPR data to determine the binding kinetics and affinity. The interaction analyzed is the binding between the CD16a receptor and a monoclonal antibody - a key interaction in the development and production of therapeutic antibodies. The preconfigured kit minimizes lab development time and maximizes student interaction and hands-on experience. The kit includes optimized reagents, buffers, and SPR sensors needed for performing the experiment, along with a detailed protocol and rich content for the lab manual. Depending on the number of students in the lab and the number of SPR instruments available, the exact protocol can be tailored to fit within your budget while providing all students with a rich learning experience.

For more information, download the application note.

The kit includes the following items, sufficient for 10 full kinetic experiments:

  • CD16a Receptor, Biotintylated
  • IgG Fc Fragment
  • Biotin OpenSPR Sensor Chips
  • Streptavidin Aliquots to create Streptavidin-Coated Sensor Surface
  • Running Buffer
  • Regeneration Buffer
  • Bubble Removal Solution
  • 50 1mL Plastic Syringes
  • 50 Injection tips

The CD16 kit is also perfect for training and certification of new SPR users in your lab or a core facility.

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