Immobilization Buffer Optimization Kit – 10mM Acetate

Immobilization Buffer Optimization Kit – 10mM Acetate

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Immobilization buffer is used in label-free surface plasmon resonance instruments to enable pre-concentration of the ligand to be immobilized. Using an appropriate immobilization buffer will result in much higher ligand density on the surface of the sensor. The optimal pH is dependent on the pI of the ligand and should be determined experimentally if the pI is not known. This optimization kit contains 20 mL of each 10 mM acetate buffer at pH values 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and 5.5. In an immobilization experiment, the ligand is diluted in immobilization buffers with pH values that differ by half a unit. The pH which gives the highest immobilization levels with the highest pH is the optimal buffer to use. Immobilization buffers should also have a low ionic strength.

Our 10mM Acetate Buffer is an excellent immobilization buffer for many applications where the ligand pI is below 6.

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4.0 pH, 4.5 pH, 5.0 pH, 5.5 pH


20 mL of each solution

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