Regeneration Buffer – 10mM Glycine-HCl (100mL) - pH 1.5

Regeneration Buffer – 10mM Glycine-HCl (100mL) - pH 1.5

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Regeneration buffer is used in label-free surface plasmon resonance analysis to quickly reverse the interaction between the analyte and ligand, allowing the functionalized sensor surface to be used again. Regeneration buffer conditions must be optimized in order to effectively remove the analyte without damaging the ligand. Our Glycine-HCl regeneration is suitable for many applications and comes in a variety of pH values, from 1.5 to 3.0 to help you quickly determine the best conditions. The optimal pH is the highest pH which still removes all of the analyte.

Glycine-HCl buffer comes in quantities of 100mL, ready to be used.

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