High Capacity Carboxyl Sensors
High Capacity Carboxyl Sensors

High Capacity Carboxyl Sensors

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High Capacity Carboxyl Sensors have an optimized surface for improved immobilization of targets containing primary amine groups via EDC/NHS coupling. The high capacity carboxyl chemistry allows for enhanced performance and minimal non-specific binding. Sensors are provided in a package of 10 or 3. 

It is recommended to use with Nicoya's Carboxyl Optimization Kit, which provides coupling reagents (ie EDC/NHS, etc.) required for sample immobilization optimization.

Additional information

Sensor Quantity
10, 3
Storage Temperature 4-8 °C
Shelf Life 6 months 
Ships Within 1-2 weeks 


Pricing is valid in North America only. For international pricing, please contact your local Distributor.

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