Protein A Sensor Kit
Protein A Sensor Kit
Protein A Sensor Kit

Protein A Sensor Kit

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The Protein A Sensor Kit enables users to create a Protein A-functionalized sensor surface for immobilization of Fc-tagged or IgG-based ligands for analysis in OpenSPR instruments. Protein A will capture most human and mouse IgG subclasses with high affinity and can also bind with total IgG from cow, guinea pig, horse, pig, and rabbit. Kit includes all reagents necessary to create a Protein A surface functionalization over a Carboxyl Sensor for 10 experiments.

Kit Contains:

  • 10x Carboxyl Sensors
  • 10x Protein A Aliquots
  • 19 mg EDC (for 1 mL)
  • 12 mg NHS (for 1 mL)
  • 3 mL Activation Buffer 3 mL Blocking Solution
  • 3 mL Protein A Immobilization Buffer (10 mM Sodium Acetate pH 5.0)

Additional information

Number of Experiments 10
Storage Temperature
  • Sensors and Reagents: 4-8 °C
  • Protein A Aliquots: -20 °C
Shelf Life 6 months
Ships Within 1-2 weeks

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