Sensor Starter Pack
Sensor Starter Pack
Sensor Starter Pack

Sensor Starter Pack

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The Sensor Starter Pack contains the most commonly used sensor chemistries (Carboxyl, NTA, Biotin-Streptavidin) and corresponding reagent kits to find the right surface chemistry for your application.

The Sensor Starter Pack contains:

  • 3x NTA Sensors
  • 3x High Capacity Carboxyl Sensors
  • 3x Biotin Sensors (to be used with Streptavidin aliquots to create a Streptavidin functional surface)
  • 3x Streptavidin Protein Aliquots
  • 1x NTA Reagent Kit
  • 1x Amine Coupling Kit (protein immobilization) for 3 coupling reactions

Additional information

Storage Temperature
  • Sensors and Reagents: 4-8°C
  • Streptavidin Aliquots: -20°C
Shelf Life 6 months
Ships Within 1-2 weeks

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