Amine Sensors

Amine Sensors

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Amine Sensors are used to covalently immobilize biomolecules containing free carboxyl groups onto the sensor surface for analysis in OpenSPR instruments. Note that to couple the biomolecule to the sensor surface via EDC/NHS chemistry, the EDC/NHS activation and blocking takes place on the biomolecule. This method is typically only recommended for biomolecules containing a COOH tag for coupling. Sensors are provided in a package of 10 or 3.

It is recommended to use with Nicoya's Amine Coupling Kit, which provides the coupling reagents (ie EDC/NHS, etc.) required for surface preparation and sample immobilization.

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Quantity  10, 3
Storage Temperature 4-8°C
Shelf Life 6 months
Ships Within 1-2 weeks


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