Thiol Sensor Kit

Thiol Sensor Kit

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Nicoya’s Thiol Sensor Chips Kit contains all reagents necessary to create a functional thiol surface over a Carboxyl Sensor Chip. The resulting uniform layer of thiol functional groups on the Sensor Chip surface is commonly used to immobilize maleimide-tagged ligands.

The Kit includes all necessary reagents for activating the COOH groups on the sensor surface with EDC/NHS to modify the surface with a thiol-functional moiety, as well as a surface priming agent to optimize ligand immobilization. This Kit is sufficient to create 10 thiol-functional sensor chips.

The Kit Contains:
10 Carboxyl Sensor Chips
EDC: 1 tube
NHS: 1 tube
Activation Buffer
Blocking Solution
Cysteamine: 1 tube
TCEP: 1 tube

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Sensor Quantity


Storage Buffer


Storage Temperature

4-8 °C

Best if Used Within

6 months


* This product usually ships within 1-2 weeks.

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