High Sensitivity Carboxyl Sensors (8 pk)

High Sensitivity Carboxyl Sensors (8 pk)

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OpenSPR Carboxyl Sensors are perfect for immobilizing any molecule that has an amine group (proteins, antibodies, and more). They come pre-coated with -COOH functionality, so after activating with EDC/NHS and blocking, ligands can be immobilized. Use Nicoya's Amine Coupling Kit, optimized for the best performance with all of the reagents you need, to couple your ligand to the carboxyl surface. Ligands are covalently coupled to the surface making this a very robust immobilization method.

High Sensitivity Sensors provide an extra boost of sensitivity for your toughest SPR applications. The increased localized sensitivity is particularly advantageous for small molecule analysis, and can also be used to enhance the signals of other larger biomolecules.

High Sensitivity Sensor Chips come in packages of 8.

Note: High Sensitivity Sensors are only compatible with the 2-Channel OpenSPR.


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Sensor Quantity


Storage Temperature

4-8 °C

Best if Used Within

6 months

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